Imagine a day that represents the bright promise of things to come, echoed in the warm sun’s glow on your friends’ and family’s faces. A fairytale occasion that will forever hold memories of joy in the celebration of romance, all in a unique Cape setting.

Picture a day meticulously orchestrated according to your wishes, dreams and wants; where everything falls elegantly into place. Where you and your guests have every need catered for, enjoying exquisite cuisine, select wine and unobtrusive service, without a worry crossing your mind. This day is your wedding at The Roundhouse.


The property has various areas to accommodate both intimate occasions and large parties of guests, including exclusive use of the restaurant, terraces and lawns, or a combination of these. Our events manager will consult with you to tailor the venue, menu and ambiance for the day and help you create bespoke memories.

Please contact our events manager to arrange an appointment, or for any further information you may require.

+27 (0)21 438 4347