The Roundhouse takes great pride in an extensive wine collection. The approach is not simply to provide beverages as an addition to the dining experience, but an experience in its own right.

There are a number of fundamental criteria that are borne in mind when selecting wine and fine spirits for the list. We strive to provide guests with wines that are balanced, both in terms of harmonious flavours and in terms of sustainable practices.

As with our cuisine, locality is an underlying principle. South Africa has a multitude of unique terroir expressions, which the collection tries to capture. However, wines that do not have South African equivalents are also included, in order to present the guest with the most comprehensive collection possible.

While a guest’s wine experience and culinary experience will both be outstanding in themselves, The Roundhouse always seeks to use these elements in synthesis to elevate both wine and food to something new and enhanced. With a pairing menu meticulously crafted by our sommelier, as well as various exceptional wines by the glass, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that each guest can enjoy an artful pairing.


The Roundhouse boasts a splendid collection of South African and international fine spirits, ranging from rare whiskies to aged rums, world-renowned brandies to premium tequilas. Consequently spirits also play an integral part in The Roundhouse’s menus.

Spirits, when artisanal in production, have a sense of origin similar to wine or any other natural product. Yet the pairing of fine spirits and food is relatively undiscovered territory, making this area of cuisine a particularly exciting adventure, both for those who create the pairings and the guests who experience them.

The sommelier and chefs continuously experiment and expand on the use of spirits in food and beverage pairings. Instead of following a pairing technique where aroma characteristics in dishes are repeated in the spirit, pairings are designed to create new, engaging combinations of flavour, providing a culinary experience that is unique in the true sense of the word.