Deliciously versatile


Earthy with a natural sweetness, a Jerusalem artichoke is everything but its name. Although distantly related as members of the daisy family, a Jerusalem artichoke is not an artichoke (and it’s also not from Jerusalem). Also known as a sunchoke, this perennial plant sports beautiful yellow flowers and earthy, elongated tubers resembling ginger roots. And this is where the magic happens. The tubers can be roasted, used in a stir fry, steamed or pureed into a silky smooth mash. You can also pickle them, and that’s exactly how we prepare them at the Roundhouse. Paired with a clear soup made from baked potato skin, our pickled Jerusalem artichokes are big on taste and packed with earthy, nutty flavours that will inspire you to return time and time again.

See you at The Roundhouse!

  • Dylan, Executive Chef at The Roundhouse