Packham pear? Don’t mind if I do.

With the curtains slowly drawing on yet another glorious Cape Town summer, giving way to the amber of autumn before we dust off our blankets in preparation for winter, I want to give one last hoorah to our seasonal fruits and veggies before they too hibernate for a few months. I have decided to bring one of my favourite summertime sweeteners, the Packham pear, to the fore in our new dessert dish which is crammed with flavour bursts and nuances of texture.

I recently came across a local producer of the freshest and tastiest Packham pears, so be sure to expect the best quality ingredients in this refreshing dessert. We prepare the pears in sous-vide (partially cooked, vacuum sealed and chilled) in a white wine poaching liquid to retain the natural freshness and texture. An orange and star anise syrup complements the pears perfectly. For acidity, we have created a delightful pear and lemon snow.

I’ve also managed to source the best local mascarpone cheese and added a touch of glucose to produce a delectable sweet cheese ice cream, and to add texture I’ve created a highly moreish hazelnut crunchy. Just writing this is making me want to rush over to the kitchen and start making one for myself!

Hopefully, your tastebuds are as alert as mine right now, so why not make a reservation and taste our new delectable dessert while enjoying our warm hospitality?


  • Dylan, Executive Chef at The Roundhouse