The people of The Roundhouse

There’s something truly magical about a plate of food. Like the comfort it brings and the memories it creates when you share a good meal with your favourite people. Food can bring people together, turn a bad day into a good day and give us a lift when we need it the most. And the textures, taste and heart of a well-balanced meal can – in the words of Mick Jagger – make a grown man cry.

 At The Roundhouse, every meal that leaves our kitchen shows our commitment to creating this magic. More importantly, it reflects the collective effort of our team. Each and every member of The Roundhouse team play an important role in bringing this magic to the food we serve. We are proud of them, and that’s why we’ve created this short video to introduce you to the people who make The Roundhouse the exceptional place we all know, and love, today.

All the best,


Operations Manager at The Roundhouse