Friends of The Roundhouse

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We believe that the success of The Roundhouse is the result of the collective contributions of an exceptional team and a loyal network of people and businesses.

It’s this special partnership with the finest artisans and service providers in the Cape region, who are synonymous with excellence and ready to provide the best to our guests. Not only do these businesses provide us with top quality products and services, but they also inform the way we deliver exceptional experiences to our guests.

We’re honouring our special relationships and talking about the amazing people we work with who enjoy a longstanding and integral part in our success.


IkhayaElite Events is a Cape Town based event management services company, offering full circle event management and wedding coordination services to their clients. They’ve also been a supplier to The Roundhouse for the past 2 years.

What makes your service stand out?

“We strive to give our clients exceptional service before, during and after any event, small or big.”

What makes the Roundhouse experience so special?

“Location, location, location. The location is perfect and it’s a full circle venue, with different areas we can use during our events. The service and food is another draw card.”

What makes The Roundhouse a desirable outlet to showcase your service?

It’s a full circle venue. They have different venues we can use during our events, like I mentioned before – you never have to worry about the service as its always above 110%, and then the amazing food is a big plus. They also go out of their way to keep the clients happy. A happy client is a returning client

Is there anything about your company’s relationship with The Roundhouse that is unique?

“We are honest with one another. If something isn’t as we expect we tell them and vice versa. Once we arrive for setup we know exactly what we are allowed to do and what not – I like that in a professional partner” – (Jacobus le Roux, IkhayaElite Events)