A Way With Wine

Winemaking is a natural process, still only partially understood. At The Roundhouse, we applaud wines that have been given freedom of expression by their winemaker or viticulturist, and that have not been manufactured with added acidity or inoculated yeast to produce a desired flavour.

A soulful wine is telling the story of its birthplace, its vintage and the man or woman who helped it express itself. There are a multitude of terroir expressions in South Africa – Stellenbosch alone is ten times more diverse in its terroir than that of Bordeaux, and Chenin Blanc from Swartland is one of the most distinctive terroir expressions around.

We also source some products from outside of our South African boarders – cooler climates that do not have any South African equivalents, like Champagne and Burgundy. Some of the greatest terroir expressions of the world come from these areas and, therefore, they have a place with us.

We’d like to invite you to join us at The Roundhouse to explore and enjoy our wine offerings and share the adventure with us.