For Roundhouse bookings, please use our enquiry form on the left below to send through a reservation request. Our team will get back to you to either confirm your booking, or let you know if we do not have availability so you can arrange another time. Please note that filling in the reservation form does not guarantee a reservation at your requested time.

For Rumbullion bookings, please use our online booking platform on the right below. You will receive an SMS or email shortly after your reservation has been made

The Roundhouse & Rumbullion Restaurant, reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any and all reservations up to a period of 7 days before the date of the reservation for all reservations which will not make exclusive use of the property. Any deposits or pre-payments paid in respect of such bookings will be fully refunded. Any confirmation received from the Roundhouse and Rumbullion Restaurants, will be subject to the Terms and Conditions stated here in. Furthermore, the party making the reservation (the guest) agrees to waive any claim against the Roundhouse and Rumbullion Restaurant in respect of any such reservation which may be cancelled.

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