Just an asparagus? I don’t think so.

If you follow the Roundhouse blog, you’ll know that we are completely and utterly smitten with seasonal produce. If it grows in abundance, we love it in abundance. You’ve probably seen chefs on television, going around food markets while using an inordinate amount of adjectives to describe a tray of fresh figs, zesty winter citrus of plump Italian tomatoes. And all this praise still doesn’t capture how excited we get as chefs when the season’s bounty rolls in.

The epitome of summer’s vegetable offering is, of course, asparagus. Fresh, light and packed with all the goodness Mother Nature can muster. It’s an excellent source of vitamins, folate, copper and selenium (which means it’s really good for your immune system). And asparagus can make any salad an event and any side dish worthy of being a main.

Take our Summer Asparagus for example. We first grill the asparagus ever so slightly to enhance the flavour and season it with hazelnut oil. When then pair this marriage between fresh and earthy with our slow-cooked and smoked watermelon. The addition of watercress adds a peppery note to the dish. We finish it off with pine nuts for extra crunch and flavour. Bliss.

Speaking of seasonal, remember to make a reservation at The Roundhouse (sooner than later) to enjoy the best of our summer seasonal menu, as autumn is waiting around the corner.

See you soon!

  • Dylan, Executive Chef at The Roundhouse