The Humble Watermelon. Reinvented.


Isn’t it amazing to think that every single ingredient has boundless possibilities, just waiting to be explored and discovered? As a certain Mr Blumenthal illustrated with his world famous bacon and egg ice cream, our favourite ingredients don’t have to earn their keep on traditional menus.

Inspired by summer and the pure magic of its bounty, we’re going to take the deliciously sweet watermelon away from the poolside and out of the picnic basket, and give it its rightful place on the dinner table. This delightful summer staple will replicate the process and flavour intensity that only time can add to a dish, modelled on something you’d never expect – slow cooked beef. But let me explain.

First, we compress the watermelon to burst the cells, after which we slow cook it overnight. We like to think of this stage as the ‘raw steak’ stage. We then freeze the slow cooked watermelon overnight and thaw it to remove the moisture. We repeat this process twice, to release as much water as possible. The watermelon is then cooked in the oven for 1 to 2 hours, whereafter it’s smoked for 2 minutes in apple wood. Seasoned with smoked olive oil, smoked salt and cracked black pepper, this dish is bound to change your perception of what food is – and what it can be.

So join us for something unexpected this summer – I cannot wait to share this gem with you!

  • Dylan, Executive Chef at The Roundhouse