The Rumbullion’s guide to your summer tipple


Let’s get straight to the point. Summer isn’t summer without a well-made drink in the one hand and a Panama hat in the other. Tall or short, with a little umbrella or without, straight up or alcohol-free, we’re all about summer’s most popular drinks.

First up we have the quintessentially summery drink, Pimms No1 Cup. The real beauty behind this liqueur is that you can dress it up any way you want. How about a twirl of orange peel and a sprig or two of mint, a slice of cucumber or some fresh strawberries? Delicious. And what better way (or location) to enjoy a Pimms afternoon than at the Rumbullion? Bring your friends, because Pimms is best served in a jug. True story.

For those who prefer their summer afternoons with the fresh hues of mint and lime, we’re proud to serve the Bottings range of mojitos – alcohol-free or with a kick, they were made for summer. With no added sugar or preservatives, Bottings artisanal fruit pulps and purees celebrates the guilt-free glory and goodness of pure fruit. 

And every Cape Town sunset deserves a tailored wine list. And wouldn’t you know it, we have two. Our Rumbullion wine list offers quaffable, quality wines that are also easy on the pocket. By the glass, by the bottle and by george, we also have bubbles. Indoors, our Roundhouse wine list offers more complex, aged and refined wines, chosen to match the best of summer’s bounty.

So, what are your plans for this afternoon? Fancy a drink at our place?

See you soon!

Tepius Chigadza

  • Sommelier at The Roundhouse