Go on and take 5. You deserve it.


It’s the mad rush before the calm. The time of year where we’re rushing to get everything done and meet impossible deadlines before the year draws to a close. We drink our coffee on the run, eat our meals behind our desks and add an infinite amount of notes to our to-do lists (which we never stop complaining about).

Let’s stop for a second. There will always be things to do, places to be and deadlines to meet. Take 5 to enjoy the things that really matter. Like sunsets and non-work related conversations around a bottle of wine. Lazy afternoons and practising the art of doing nothing. A hike through the forest, followed by strong coffee and breakfast overlooking the 12 Apostles. Or a lunch that turns into dinner (with dessert), shared with friends. If you think about it, we should fill our to-do lists with these type of things.

Go on and take a breather with us. Our Villiera Sundowner Sessions, featuring Adamu da Silva and his band, is perfect for winding down after a hectic week. These jazzy sessions take place every Friday from 4pm at The Rumbullion (remember to book!)

Or why not take the time to enjoy the finer things in life? The new summer menu at The Roundhouse demands time – time to savour, enjoy and get lost in the beauty of exceptional ingredients prepared exceptionally well.

So go on and take 5. You deserve it.

See you soon!


  • Events manager at The Roundhouse