Winter’s Secret Garden

We pride ourselves on using ingredients that are not just locally sourced and fresh, but also seasonal and sustainable. This requires special attention to taste, texture and composition to ensure that no flavour is lost with the change of weather.

One of the ways we add to this considered dining experience is by adding flavours drawn straight out of our garden and placed lovingly onto the plate – moments before arriving at your table. The Roundhouse property features an assortment of herbaceous plant life which is harvested daily and incorporated in every menu, throughout the year.

This winter is no different and our menu features two home-grown herbs which flourish in our garden: wood sorrel and nasturtium. These leaves offer delicious profiles which complement the flavours of each dish. Wood sorrel’s green and acidic tang is used to cut the richness of salmon while the spiciness of nasturtium adds a peppery finish to the salt-crust baked celeriac.

Press play and take a meander with us through our garden. Learn more about the little gifts of nature that make the food at The Roundhouse so special.

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