Finding Our Signature

What makes a signature dish so popular? We believe it’s the ability to create something exceptional enough to resonate with guests by reimagining flavours and ingredients that are already familiar favourites. The Roundhouse’s signature dish of the week, Belly of Pork, with Burnt Apple, Homemade Mustard and Blue Cheese is a tale of smoky sweetness and accidental excellence.

Chef Dylan Laity’s journey with the dish began while enjoying an especially good bacon and blue cheese burger. Inspired by the popular marriage between the two ingredients, he decided to deconstruct these flavours and find out how the smokiness of bacon and the sharpness of blue cheese could be reinterpreted as elegant fine-dining fare.

Using pork belly, a boneless cut with the perfect ratio of fat to meat marbling, the process of perfection began. The meat was put through a slow process of flavour infusion, incorporating a medley of spices with the taste of sea salt and smoked wood chips, before being slow cooked and caramelised.

While striving to make the perfect roast apple puree to accompany his meaty masterpiece, Dylan decided to introduce the next element: disaster. When left unattended for just a moment the apples were burnt. But, in true culinary style his curiosity had him sampling the scorched apples and discovering an intensely concentrated apple tang rather than the anticipated bitterness. This was the exact flavour the dish required to cut the subtle richness of the blue cheese puree and add depth to the lightness of cider-infused apples.

He finished the dish off with a veal and Granny Smith jus, fermented mustard seeds and a light pork crackling. The result is a spin on classic Pork and Apples that is wildly adventurous, dynamic and refined, and unsurprisingly a firm favourite with our guests, especially when paired with Elgin Vinters Pinot Noir ‘12.

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