Meet Tepius

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Tepius has been with the Roundhouse since 2012, when he started as a runner at the Rumbullion Restaurant. His passion and drive has seen him move into a new role as an Assistant Sommelier for the past year. It is only fitting that his favourite recipe is ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ cocktail, a wine and apple mint julep. We can assure you that you will love Tepius’ favourite cocktail just as much as we do, and for similar reasons.

‘I enjoy this cocktail mostly for its complexity and refreshing flavors.’ – Tepius


THE TEACHER’S PET ( A Wine and Apple Mint Julep ).

This is the perfect summery drink for those who prefer to skip heavier bourbons and opt for the lighter tastes of wine.

– 10 mint leaves
– ¼ cup apple juice
– ¼ cup port wine
– sparkling rose wine to fill
– apple slice for garnish

Muddle 9 mint leaves in a shaker (do not over muddle or there will be a bitter taste to your drink).
Add ice to the shaker, add the apple juice and port wine, shake until well mixed.
Pour into a separate iced glass.
Fill the remainder of the glass with sparkling rose wine or champagne.
Garnish with an apple slice and mint leaf.