Flavours of the Earth

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The Roundhouse offers Guests a taste experience like no other. Our innovative menu is carefully crafted, boasting only the freshest local produce. The finishing touches to each of our unique dishes are hand-plucked from our luscious garden.

The deliciously sour acidity of the Wood Sorrel perfectly complements the strong, earthy, sweet flavours of the robust Jerusalem Artichoke, providing perfect balance in our ‘New Season Jerusalem Artichoke’ dish.

Initially sweet, the tangy, peppery flavours of Nasturtium are known to evolve and develop in your mouth, adding a layer of complexity and enchantment to any dish. These flavour notes are the perfect complement to the naturally sweet, rich, and earthy tones found in our ‘Magic Man’s Beetroot’ dish.

Incase you missed it, press play and take a meander with us through our garden. Dare to indulge in the magical cuisine The Roundhouse has on offer.