From the garden to the table

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The Roundhouse and Rumbullion chefs pride themselves on creating menu items made with the freshest ingredients and the most delectable flavours. One of their favourite pass times is to go out into the Roundhouse garden and surrounding forest and forage for the flavour notes that make our dishes so unique.

Chick Weed, known as one of the tastiest salad greens in existence (a bold statement we know) is the special ingredient that makes our Buchu Roasted Rainbow Organic Carrots dish simply outstanding. Each of the herbs grown in our special garden have been chosen to complement and enhance the flavours of your menu favourites.

Press play and take a meander with us through our garden. Learn more about the little gifts of nature that make the food at The Roundhouse so special.

The Roundhouse Restaurant – Cape Town from Lobster Ink on Vimeo.