The history of the tasting menu is as enticing as the concept itself – the serving of taste-sized portions showcasing the chef’s best work in one sitting.


A lot of debate surrounds the origin of the term ‘tasting menu’. Some say its roots lie in ancient Greece, where several courses were served during feasts held at the Parthenon. Every god had their favourite, and wary of upsetting the gods the Greeks presented a serving of everything. Fast forward a couple of centuries to nineteenth century France and enter the renowned French chef Georges Auguste Escoffier. Adhering to the palates of royalty and the rich, Escoffier loved to present his guests with little gastronomic delights while showcasing the technique that goes into the heart of French cuisine.


The tasting menu – also known as  menu degústation in French – takes the guest on a journey that is focussed on the senses, celebrating the complexity, flavour and skill of the chef.  Most tasting menus are also paired with small servings of wine to complement the sensory experience.


And just like the ancient Romans celebrated the best the season had to offer, Italian tasting menus are also known to showcase the heart of seasonal produce – keeping it simple, delicious and inspired by the land.


Let us take you on that journey with our winter tasting menu. Best enjoyed with good friends, family and wine and featuring the best the season has to offer, the Roundhouse tasting menu is sure to take our guests on a taste adventure that is bound to please the gods of gastronomy.